Strength - Physical - Motion

Strength - Physical - Motion


Strength - Physical - Motion


Art and sports are two related concepts in Greek history. They coexist and highlight one another from antiquity till today. This is a reciprocal relationship full of passion and challenge. Historically, artists were always inspired by sports. An athletic body radiating power, strength, beauty and eroticism has always been fascinating factor in art.


The Olympic Museum in collaboration with the Association of the Alumni of Fine Arts organized a temporary exhibition for the promotion of these two forms of expression, sports and art.


The inner tension that an athlete feels before a race, the power he has to produce during a performance and the satisfaction he receives when he reaches his goal can only be compared with the internalization of the artist just before creating, the, sometimes relaxed and sometimes strong, force an artist uses to reflect the lines and of course, the recognition anyone receives when completing a project.

A key meeting, for a special cultural event that has a specific educational content and social background. Elements that are both included in sports and art. These two important aspects of Greek culture are both being introduced in this exhibition, as a result of a fruitful “dialogue” between strength, body and motion.

Duration: 27.09.2010 - 31.12.2010

Το αμφιθέατρο του Ολυμπιακού μουσείου