Books and Newsletter

Books and Newsletter


stibos.jpg The publications of the Thessaloniki Olympic Museum, abiding to the principles of its foundation are aimed at the recording and promotion of sports and public awareness on issues regarding our athletic cultural inheritance. For this reason, thematic publications follow the exhibition actions of the museum, in an attempt to preserve and to promote the historic and evidential value of each exhibition production.

So, the Museum has come to the following publications:

  • “The Art of Chess”, parallel publication to the exhibition “Chess and its history”
  • “Encyclopedia of Olympic Sports”, parallel publication to the exhibition “Nautical Sports”
  • “Modern Museums – New Thematic of Culture and Sport”, Record of the Congress
  • “Football on paper. The background story of the exhibition”. The historic research that preceded the exhibition, the material that was collected, but mainly the need to report this exhibition activity, was the motive to publish this album centered in football history.
  • “Track and Field on paper. On your marks… The background story of the track and field exhibition”. A report about the history of the sport in Greece, but also a useful and entertaining educational tool.
  • “Parallel Script…Ancient Theatres” and “Parallel Script…Athletics” aim to provide extended information and to support the temporary exhibition of the Museum “Ancient Stadiums and Games in Antiquity”.



newsletter.jpg In May 2005, inaugurated the creation of an electronic informative newspaper of the Museum (newsletter) to 500, initially, citizens. Nowadays, the electronic issues are delivered to 5.000 receivers. Aim of the museum is through its newsletter to create a mean of cultural and sport interaction with the local society, contacting all group ages.

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